One of REMARC’s goals is to have an impact on society at large by transferring our ideas and knowledge about responsible management and sustainable development to students, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and managers. We do so both via university training and through collaborative efforts with the business and policy sectors, as well as with other stakeholders.



Elisa Giuliani on Multinationals and Inequality

Elisa Giuliani on Banking and Human Rights

Tiziano Distefano on Environmental Ecology (in Italian)



The people at REMARC are engaged in teaching undergraduate and post graduate courses at the University of Pisa and beyond. In Pisa, we teach both in English and Italian. To be able to access our courses, enrollment in a university degree course is necessary. If you want to know more contact us here.

We follow the Human Rights in Business Education Toolkit and incorporate human rights into business and economics curricula.



REMARC staff collaborates with the business sector, policy-makers and other stakeholders. Our collaborations include:

  • helping firms to develop sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports;
  • supporting policy-making institutions in the elaboration of policy-oriented reports and/or provide recommendations for policy;
  • engaging with stakeholders at large (e.g. unions, city councils, regional governments, international organizations, etc.) for the development of research-informed policy agendas or policy briefs.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, contact us here.