Analysis and policy for responsible management and sustainable development

REMARCResponsible Management Research Center

Our goal is to conduct an inter-disciplinary research on companies' responsible management practices and on sustainable development policies. We seek to have an impact on managers and on policy makers at local, national and international levels. We train future managers and other stakeholders to care about society, the environment and human rights.

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paper Waste
November 03, 2021
Assessing efficiency of urban waste services: a new publication

A new publication by Giulia Romano and co-authors in Journal of Cleaner Production....

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October 02, 2021
Patent toxicity: now we can measure it!

We just published a paper in Research Policy. The paper “Patent Toxicity”...

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robot (1)
July 17, 2021
Human-robot interaction: read about it in Nature Scientific Reports

Promises and trust in human–robot interaction Lorenzo Cominelli, Francesco Feri, Roberto Garofalo,...

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November 28, 2021
Heavy metal contamination in Peru: implications on children’s health

A new publication by Flaviano Bianchini and co-authors in Scientific Reports. Heavy metal...

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