REMARCResponsible Management Research Center

Our goal is to conduct an inter-disciplinary research on companies' responsible management practices and on sustainable development policies. We seek to have an impact on managers and on policy makers at local, national and international levels. We train future managers and other stakeholders to care about society, the environment and human rights.

Latest News

Intellectual property
New Publication: Are intellectual property rights working for society?

Carolina Castaldi, Elisa Giuliani, Margaret Kyle and Alessandro Nuvolari have published their...

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New Publication: Quality of government and women’s political empowerment: Evidence from European regions

Vicente Rios,  Mercedes Beltrán-Esteve,  Lisa Gianmoena,  Jesús Peiró-Palomino and  Andrés J Picazo-Tadeo have published...

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Pay as you throw
New Publication: Pay-as-you-throw tariff and sustainable urban waste management – An empirical analysis of relevant effects

Giulia Romano and Lucio Masserini have published their new study “Pay-as-you-throw tariff...

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New Publication: Making it right: socio-environmental conditionalities in regional industrial policies

Elisa Giuliani has published her new article “Making it right: socio-environmental conditionalities...

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