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REMARC at the Academy of Management @ Chicago


REMARC was at the Academy of Management in Chicago between 10th and 14th of August 2018. Elisa Giuliani was part of the PDW “Business and Human Rights and Access to Justice: Theoretical Premises and Empirical Evidence” coordinated by Kathleen Rehbein and Judith …


Regulating global capitalism amid rampant corporate wrongdoing


Read a new REMARC article in Research Policy: “Regulating global capitalism amid rampant corporate wrongdoing” by Elisa Giuliani. The note is a reply to “Three frames for innovation policy: R&D, systems of innovation and transformative change” by Johan Schot and Ed Steinmueller. Enjoy!  …


Is Socially Responsible Investment a Success?


24th May 2018, Prof. Bert Scholtens (Groningen University) gives a keynote speech at the final Jean Monnet workshop on Socially Responsible Investments in Pisa. He asks whether socially responsible investing could be regarded as a success. The answer depends upon the perspective …




REMARC connects to local stakeholders through an event that will take place Monday 28th May 18:15 hs at Sottobosco.


More on predatory journals and scientific misconduct


A new paper by Mauro Sylos Labini is forthcoming in Research Policy!  “Walk on the Wild Side: ‘Predatory’ Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific Evaluations” Abstract In recent years the academic world has witnessed the mushrooming of journals that falsely …


New paper on economic growth and cancer incidence


A new paper has been accepted by Ecological Economics! The paper, by Tommaso Luzzati (REMARC), Angela Parenti and Tommaso Rughi, is titled “Economic growth and cancer incidence”. Abstract Why do we observe increasing rates of new cancer cases? Is the increasing burden of …