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New article on Scientific Reports


Promises and trust in human–robot interaction Lorenzo Cominelli, Francesco Feri, Roberto Garofalo, Caterina Giannetti, Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez, Alberto Greco, Mimma Nardelli, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo & Oliver Kirchkamp Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 9687 (2021) Abstract Understanding human trust in machine partners has become imperative due …


New paper


A new publication by Luciano Ciravegna and Federica Nieri. Business and Human Rights: A Configurational View of the Antecedents of Human Rights Infringements by Emerging Market Firms Abstract This study investigates the antecedents of human rights infringements (HRIs) by emerging …


New PhD Scholarship


The Italian national PhD Programme Sustainable Development and Climate Change has opened a Call for Applications for PhD. REMARC is part of the program with a scholarship to work on the project: “Responsible capitalism and climate change”. The scholarship code …


Morselli: La lettera di risposta di REMARC


Il 14 Maggio la dott.ssa Lucia Morselli, amministratrice delegata di Acciaierie d’Italia S.p.A., è stata ospite del ciclo di incontri “Meeting Generation” organizzato da ALAP – l’Associazione dei Laureati dell’Università di Pisa e dall’associazione Starting Finance UniPi. Il suo intervento …


New paper


A new publication by André Cieplinski, Simone D’Alessandro, Tiziano Distefano and Pietro Guarnieri: “Coupling environmental transition and social prosperity: scenario-analysis of the Italian case” Abstract This paper investigates to what extent green growth is able to promote social equity and which …


REMARC awarded another MIT-UNIPI MISTI Grant


Congratulations! Tiziano Distefano is awarded the 2021-2022 MIT-UNIPI MISTI grant. The team is composed by Tiziano (PI); Nicholas A. Ashford (PI) – MIT Sloan; Ralph Hall – Virginia TECH and Simone D’Alessandro. MISTI grants support visiting periods and exchange activities …


New Book Chapter


Sustainable innovation and intellectual property rights: friends, foes or perfect strangers? Carolina Castaldi contributed a chapter in a forthcoming book on Sustainable Innovation, edited by Voinea, Roijakkers and Ooms ( As sustainable innovation becomes a strategy for companies to gain …


New Teaching Toolkit


The Case for Human Rights in Business Education– A Tool Kit The toolkit is here. Representatives from a number of business schools, both professors and administrators, have worked jointly to assemble this tool kit. It includes information and resources explaining …

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New paper


A new publication by Angela Parenti, Simone Lazzini, Zeila Occhipinti & Roberto Verona: “Disentangling economic crisis effects from environmental regulation effects: Implications for sustainable development” Abstract With climate change becoming more severe, policy makers must impose environmental regulations that will …


New paper


A new publication by André Cieplinski, Simone D’Alessandro & Francesco Marghella: “Assessing the renewable energy policy paradox: A scenario analysis for the Italian electricity market” Abstract In the new article published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews REMARC researchers Simone …