Who we are

REMARC is part of the Department of Economics and Management (DEM) of the University of Pisa (UNIPI). Its primary goal is to conduct cutting-edge research on responsible management and sustainable development and to have an impact on managers, policy makers and other stakeholders. People at our centre work on three main focus areas – i.e. International Business and Human Rights; Communicating and Practising Corporate Social Responsibility and Societal Transition for a Sustainable Economy – and on a set of smaller related projects. Our team includes DEM faculty members and external collaborators from different disciplines including Economics, Management, Statistics, Political Science, International Law, Development Studies and Business Ethics. Through our research we work towards strengthening responsible management practices and finding ways to reduce business-related harmful impacts on society, the environment and human rights at large. We also seek to shape policy makers’ thinking on economic development strategies, and work towards transformations that reduce injustice and economic inequalities. REMARC is part of the Sustainability Centres Community (SCC), hosted by the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), and member of the BHRights Initiative.

Watch our UNIPI official video (in Italian with English subtitles):