Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have increasingly paid attention to the role of communication as a means through which companies can positively influence business practices and society at large. In response to stakeholders’ growing concerns about social and environmental issues, companies are expected to communicate more effectively their CSR initiatives. Nevertheless, CSR communication is a “double edge” weapon, since it can also attract stakeholders’ attention and evoke scepticism on the substantive enactment of what is communicated in CSR reports and other means.

This focus theme has two main objectives: first, it seeks to investigate how companies frame their CSR communication in a bid to gain legitimacy at an international level, to enhance their reputation towards stakeholders, institutions, and society, as well as how these companies react to stakeholders’ critiques.

Second, it explores how companies put CSR talk into practice, by investigating the emergence and functioning of a wide range of CSR policies (e.g. Creating Shared Value) and of new sustainable business models like Benefit Corporations.

Daniele Delli

Daniele Dalli

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Matteo Corciolani

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Elisa Giuliani

Elisa Giuliani

Ashlee Humphreys

Ashlee Humphreys

Northwestern University
Elena Piani

Elena Piani

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Annamaria Tuan

Annamaria Tuan

University of Bologna

Valentina De Marchi

University of Padua

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