PhD Days 2023 @INGENIO

In times of unprecedented societal challenges and wicked problems, sticking to the “business-as-usual” approaches entails significant social and economic risks. PhD Days 2023 seeks to call attention to emerging alternatives, namely: recognizing the potential of co-creation and multi-stakeholder engagement; the value of open science and citizen participation; reaffirming that participatory processes best serve society if they are inclusive and sustainable; challenging the established socio-technical systems and transforming the lessons learned into actionable mission-oriented policies. These processes are hardly straight-forward, and multiple pathways to implementation exist. PhD Days 2023 is an open call to debate the way forward in a constructive and collaborative fashion.


Keynote speakers will be:

  • Elisa Giuliani, Professor of Management at the University of Pisa, founder and director of the Responsible Management Research Center
  • Lars Coenen, Professor of Innovation and Sustainability Transitions at the Western Norway University of Applied Science


Starting Time


February 8, 2023

Ending Time


February 10, 2023


INGENIO, Valencia