Regulating for a World of Global Supply Chains: Corporations, Climate, and Human Rights in Recent EU Policymaking

Tim Bartley and Maria-Therese Gustafsson will be the speakers of the talk “Regulating for a World of Global Supply Chains:  Corporations, Climate, and Human Rights in Recent EU Policymaking” that will take place on the 5th of May 2023 at 5.30pm CET.

Tim Bartley is Sociology professor at Washington University in St. Louis and Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Stockholm University. He is an organizational, political, and economic sociologist with particular interests in globalization, labor, and the environment. Much of his work examines the prospects for corporate accountability, decent work, sustainability, and environmental justice in global production networks.

Maria-Therese Gustafsson is Assistant Professor in Political Science and Deputy Study Director at the Department of Political Science. Her research revolves around questions related to human rights, environmental justice, climate governance, corporate accountability, public and private governance in global supply chains. She is particularly interested in the consequences of global sustainability governance for marginalized groups in the Global South. Her research primarily relies on qualitative and ethnographic research methods, and she has lived and carried out extensive fieldwork in rural areas of Latin America.

The event will take place in Polo Piagge (University of Pisa), in ROOM Q1.

The event is open and free for all interested participants, who are welcome to join in person or by connecting online at this link.

Starting Time


May 5, 2023

Ending Time


May 5, 2023


Polo Didattico delle Piagge, Via Giacomo Matteotti 11, Pisa