Summer school: Ecological and Feminist Macroeconomics

How can we provide a good life for all within planetary boundaries? A recent article in Nature Sustainability (O’Neill, 2018) argues that “No country in the world currently meets the basic needs of its citizens at a globally sustainable level of resource use.” This summer workshop offers a crash course on both ecological and feminist macroeconomics. Moreover, it invites participants to reflect upon the convergence between the two. The intention is to contribute to macroeconomics able to face the challenges of the XXI Century. These are well reflected by the Sustainable Development Goals. Particular emphasis will be paid to ecological sustainability, gender equality, and their intersections.

If you are interested in pluralist economics and new economics, you can’t miss this course! Some of the best scholars from both ecological and feminist economics will introduce the topics and present their cutting-edge research. You will then have the chance to personally interact with them. Exchanges among participants will also be fostered, with the aim of starting collaboration for future research projects. Opportunities for PhD and postdoc fellowships will also be offered for those interested to pursue further research in the topics covered by this online summer crash course. The time is ripe for macroeconomics to refocus on what really matters: the health and wellbeing of our people and our planet.

Academic CoordinatorDr Federico Demaria, Serra Húnter assistant professor in ecological economics and political ecology at the University of Barcelona Department of Economic History, Institutions and Policy and World Economy.


Dates: 12-16 July 2021
Total hours: 20 (All classes are online, and in English). Find all details and updates here.

Starting Time


July 12, 2021

Ending Time


July 16, 2021



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