The Councilwoman’s Tale. Countering Intimate Partner Homicides by electing women in local councils

Daria Denti (London School of Economics & Gran Sasso Science Institute) will be the speaker of the seminar “The Councilwoman’s Tale. Countering Intimate Partner Homicides by electing women in local councils”.  The event will take place on the 28th of April at 13 CET.


Intimate Partner Homicides (IPHs) represent the most extreme violence against women, yet evidence on their socioeconomic determinants is scarce. The paper that will be discussed during the seminar contributes to fill this gap focusing on Italy, where the ratio IPHs over total female homicides increased by more than 20% in ten years.  build a unique microregional dataset of IPHs between 2012 and 2019. The instrumental variable model finds that the share of local female political representatives had a substantial negative effect on IPHs. As instrument we exploit exogenous geography of soil composition given its persistent effects on gender-biased cultural norms through historical agricultural practices. Places with more women in local public office experience lower IPHs, due to more gender-equal cultural norms. Spatial spillovers of female political representation do not play any effect. Results have policy implications, as they suggest that female political representation might have positive effect in IPHs reduction, by influencing the transmission of gender norms.

Daria Denti is a Post-Doc Researcher at the Gran Sasso Science Institute. Her research lies at the intersection between economics, economic geography and human rights violations. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, Department of Geography and the Environment.


The seminar is part of the University of Pisa PRA PROJECT 2020-52 Shaky capitalism: How business and finance respond to global threats.

The seminar is online and open to all interested. Use the link provided below.

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April 28, 2022

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April 28, 2022