The Economics of Biodiversity. The human-nature relationship in the Dasgupta Review

Sofia Belardinelli, PhD Student in Bioethics, University of Naples “Federico II”, will be the speaker of the Remarc Seminar The Economics of Biodiversity. The human-nature relationship in the Dasgupta Review.

In The Economics of Biodiversity, Sir P. Dasgupta addresses some of the fundamental issues of our time. The Dasgupta Review investigates the theoretical and practical elements that have led to the current climatic and ecological crisis, unveiling the fallacies of contemporary models of growth and development. By assuming an anthropocentric perspective, the Review aims to include and quantify the value of Nature into economic accounts, thus creating a new “economics of the entire biosphere” as a way to address the global challenge we now face.

The speaker’s aim is to try to identify and discuss the theoretical assumptions that underlie Dasgupta’s economics of biodiversity. The adoption of an anthropocentric viewpoint in valuing Nature is a choice motivated by the need to move people to action and to find solutions as soon as possible, in order to overcome the present threat. In the long term, however, a paradigm shift is needed to build a new economy and a sustainable society. The speaker explore the possibility of new ethical paths for the Anthropocene. Acknowledging human embeddedness in Nature is the first step towards a new understanding of human-nature relationships, and to fundamentally re-think our position in the world.

Live streaming of the event will be available at this link.



Starting Time

14 CET

January 27, 2022

Ending Time

January 27, 2022


Pisa, Dipartimento Economia e Management, via Ridolfi 10