Business and Human Rights: a new paper

A new publication by Luciano Ciravegna and Federica Nieri.

Business and Human Rights: A Configurational View of the Antecedents of Human Rights Infringements by Emerging Market Firms


This study investigates the antecedents of human rights infringements (HRIs) by emerging market firms (EFs). We used fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) to examine HRIs in 245 firms based in eight emerging markets, between 2003 and 2012. Our findings disclose three equifinal configurations of high levels of HRIs, all involving EFs that have expanded to a high number of foreign markets: (i) large, old, low performing state-owned enterprises (SOEs) operating in high quality institutions’ home and host markets, (ii) small, young, over-performing EFs operating in low quality institutions’ home and host markets, and finally (iii) large, old, high performing SOEs, operating in low quality institutions’ home and host markets. We contribute to the literature by examining a novel dataset on HRIs by EFs, and by building a configurational explanation of HRIs that bridges the arguments of the institutional theory and strain theory literatures on corporate wrongdoing.

The article is available online here

graphic image: Fabio Pomini –
photo: Hasin Hayder on Unsplash