Is Socially Responsible Investment a Success?


24th May 2018, Prof. Bert Scholtens (Groningen University) gives a keynote speech at the final Jean Monnet workshop on Socially Responsible Investments in Pisa. He asks whether socially responsible investing could be regarded as a success. The answer depends upon the perspective …



REMARC connects to local stakeholders through an event that will take place Monday 28th May 18:15 hs at Sottobosco.

More on predatory journals and scientific misconduct


A new paper by Mauro Sylos Labini is forthcoming in Research Policy!  “Walk on the Wild Side: ‘Predatory’ Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific Evaluations” Abstract In recent years the academic world has witnessed the mushrooming of journals that falsely …

New paper on economic growth and cancer incidence


A new paper has been accepted by Ecological Economics! The paper, by Tommaso Luzzati (REMARC), Angela Parenti and Tommaso Rughi, is titled “Economic growth and cancer incidence”. Abstract Why do we observe increasing rates of new cancer cases? Is the increasing burden of …

The Ilva Case in Taranto - REMARC issue

New book chapter about the Ilva case in Taranto


Elisa Giuliani and Chiara Macchi write about the Ilva case in Taranto and suggest that while European countries have long been considered a stronghold of welfare societies, these countries may in fact face difficulties in ensuring respect and promotion of …

EIBA 2017: Human rights controversies and emerging country firms


Federica Nieri’s paper on “Human rights controversies and emerging country firms” has been accepted for presentation at the forthcoming European International Business Academy (EIBA) Annual Meeting in Milan (14-16 December). The paper asks whether emerging country firms’ financial performance influences …

A new grant for REMARC research center

New research grant on a fair and sustainable post-growth economy


One of our projects was funded by Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament represented by Philippe Lamberts, co-Chair of the Greens/EFA Group. A fair and sustainable post-growth economy: study and model project will develop between September 2017 and May 2018 …