Rethinking capitalism?

EIBA Critical Perspectives on International Business Workshop: “Societally Engaged International Business: Taking Stock and Moving Forward”

Elisa Giuliani discusses what it means to rethink capitalism and how the IB community can connect with ongoing conversations in economics and other disciplines about the pitfalls of contemporary capitalism.

The EIBA Conference and this Workshop’s program is available here.

Christoph Dörrenbächer, co-editor in chief cpoib, (HWR Berlin, DE),
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, co-editor in chief cpoib, (U Auckland, NZ),
James Faulconbridge (U Lancaster, UK),
Zaheer Khan (U Aberdeen, UK),
Snejina Michailova (U Auckland, NZ),
Noemi Sinkovics (U Auckland, NZ),

Starting Time


December 12, 2020

Ending Time


December 12, 2020


EIBA Online 2020

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