Societal Transitions and Grand Societal Challenges

Herrenhausen Conference on

“The New Role of the State for the Emergence and Diffusion of Innovation”

on February 20-22, 2019, Hanover, Germany.

The role of the state in knowledge societies in general and with respect to the generation and diffusion of innovation in particular has been an always latently relevant issue. But especially in times of crisis it has become a considerably challenging topic in many different social sciences. The concurrent debate is bedded into the context of the so-called Grand Societal Challenges worldwide: climate related and environmental threats, natural resource scarcities, increasing levels of inequality and the challenges of the digitalization and robotization of our lives, to name only a few. To organize a proper approach towards solving these problems rather naturally draws on the old debate on state versus market or on centralized versus decentralized planning or on autocratic versus democratic decision-making. The relevance and the need of a thorough discussion of this set of dimensions and related questions and problems deserve a broader platform, an international conference.

 Contributors include: Erik Arnold (University of Twente); Engelbert Beyer (BMBF); Knut Blind (Technical University Berlin); Susana Borrás (Copenhagen Business School); Ron Boschma(Utrecht University); Giovanni Dosi (University of Pisa); Jakob Edler (University of Manchester), Jan Fagerberg (University of Oslo); Michael Fritsch (University Jena); Dominique Foray(University Lausanne); Elisa Giuliani (University of Pisa); Lars Grotewold (Stiftung Mercator); Dietmar Harhoff (University of Munich); Jürgen Howaldt (TU Dortmund University); Rainer Kattel (University College London); Michael Liecke (Fraunhofer Society); Göran Marklund (Vinnova); Rongping Mu (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Frank Nullmeier (University of Bremen); Darius Ornston (University of Toronto); Dirk Pilat (OECD); Jason Potts (RMIT Melbourne); Johan Schot (University of Sussex); Silvia Schwaag-Serger (University of Lund); Philip Shapira(University of Manchester); Richard Sturn (University of Graz); Judith Sutz (University of Uruguay); Michaela Trippl (University of Vienna); Reinhilde Veugelers (University Leuven); Matthias Weber (Austrian Institute of Technology); Werner Widuckel (University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Elisa Giuliani will join Dietmar Harhoff (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition) and Johan Schot (University of Sussex) to talk about Societal Transitions and Grand Societal Challenges. Taking on board grand societal challenges and the related extra-economic concerns and problems, how is the relationship between growth and transition? Do they go hand in hand or they unfold counteracting tendencies?
Chair: Dirk Fornahl, University of Bremen.

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Starting Time


February 20, 2019

Ending Time


February 22, 2018


Herrenhauser Palace, Hannover

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