Technology, Policy and Pathways to Possible Worlds: Imagining Year 2050 Now

Gianluca Biggi and Andre’ Cieplinski will be participating in the EU-Spri Mini Course. The course aims at providing doctoral students, early-career researchers and professionals with an intensive training, focused on the intersection between innovation theory and scenario analysis. Six lectures will explore how trends unfolding in different domains – environment, policy/institutional, economy/production – might lead to alternative futures and evolve under novel socio-techno-economic paradigms. This type of exercise has two main objectives: first, to invite scholars to think about the impact of technological change over the longue durée (and therefore to develop research questions and projects of broad scope and ambition). Second, to induce a discussion about the multilevel nature of the impacts that (innovation) policies can produce, influencing not just short-term incentives (for example, the rate and direction of innovative activities), but also more slowly-changing but deeper patterns rooted in culture, institutional evolution and distribution of power.


Starting Time


December 3, 2020

Ending Time


December 3, 2020


SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit and Eu-SPRI - European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation

Event Participants