DRUID PDW on Grand Innovation Challenges

The DRUID PDW on Grand Innovation Challenges is organized by Alba Marino, Alessandra Perri, and Vera Rocha.

Speakers, discussants, and moderators include Jonatan PinksePelin DemirelTobias KretschmerSofia RanchordasElisa GiulianiGaétan de Rassenfosse, and Emilio J Castilla – the PDW aims at sharing insights and brainstorm on research ideas on the role of innovation in some of the most urgent imperatives of our time, with focus on environmental, social, and digital challenges.

Elisa Giuliani’s presentation will be on “Zooming into the earth of patents: Methodological steps to examine their potential harms”.

The PDW is organized into two parts. The first part will feature work-in-progress addressing how firms can minimize global carbon emissions through their core business model, how exchange platforms may affect knowledge-seeking behavior, and how patented inventions may endanger human health and ecosystems. These three presentations will showcase both conceptual and empirical work (based on experimental and archival data), and each of them will be discussed by another scholar with expertise on the topic. The second part of the PDW will be interactive and engage the audience in group activities, which will culminate in a joint conversation aimed at identifying promising research questions and untapped opportunities (e.g., in terms of data, methods, co-authorships) as well as fostering cross-pollination among distinct research areas.

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Starting Time

09:00 CET

June 13, 2022

Ending Time

12:00 CET

June 13, 2022



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