International Workshop on The Economics of Climate Change and Sustainability

Simone D’Alessandro and its team – T. Distafeano, P. Guarnieri, and A. Cieplinski – prensent the results from a system dynamics ecological macroeconomics model,
based on the EUROGREEN report,  calibrated for the Italian economy. The aim is to investigate the impact of the main alternative social policies and policy mixes discussed in the Ecological Macroeconomics literature. Some peculiar features modelled – e.g. endogenous technological change, dynamic input-output production structure and heterogeneous agents – allow us to dwell on the trade-offs between greenhouse gas emissions and income inequality that follow alternative policy mixes. The simulated scenarios suggest that there are alternative pathways to environmental sustainability with radically different social consequences.

The Workshop aims at bringing together theoretical and applied researchers to discuss the ongoing advanced research on the economics of climate change and sustainability. Topics include, but are not limited to: Climate change and natural environment; Sustainable development; Climate change and technology; Climate finance; Environmental macroeconomics; Environmental experimental economics; Green initiatives and policies.

Starting Time


May 3, 2019

Ending Time


May 4, 2019


Bologna, Palazzo Magnani "Sala Carracci", via Zamboni, 20

Event Participants