Chiara Macchi

Wageningen University

Chiara Macchi is a Lecturer in Law at Wageningen University & Research Law Group. She joined the Law Group in 2019 as Marie Sklodowska-Curie Researcher with a project on Business and Human Rights in the policies of the European Union. She is an assistant editor of Transnational Environmental Law and co-chair of the Business and Human Rights working group of the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research. She has authored publications on climate due diligence, extraterritorial human rights obligations, human rights due diligence legislation, the right to water, the trade-human rights link and the human rights responsibilities of investors. She was previously a post-doctoral researcher in International Law at the SantAnna School of Advanced Studies. She conducts consultancies for governments, NGOs, companies, trade unions and lawyers on business and human rights-related issues.

Her main research interests include: economic, social and cultural rights; human rights accountability of multinational corporations; human rights protection in the extractive sector; investment and human rights.


She works in connection with the International Business and Human Rights focus area.

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