Veronica Dorgali

Research Assistant


Maria Veronica Dorgali is a research assistant at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa. She received a Master in Statistics from Hasselt University and a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Florence. Before her current position, she held a post-doc research fellowship at the University of Florence. She has been a visiting student at the School of Biological Science, Medical Biology Center of Queen’s University of Belfast (2015).

Research interests

The focus of her research is on the area of human behaviour in relation to health. Her research interests span in the fields of health, public health, vaccine hesitancy, behavioural psychology and statistics (multivariate statistics, latent variables models, regression models, mixed-effect models, questionnaire and survey design). In particular, she is interested in the integration of psychological, sociological and statistical approaches with the aim of arriving at a more comprehensive understanding of health behaviour determinants.

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